Football Fan Quilt

Personal fan or not, when someone special in the family is a fan you endure and make them a quilt!  So the customer made this for a special upcoming birthday.

IMG_20150915_104058 b

And special-ordered the football pantograph for me to use for quilting!

Oh, this was the closest I’ve ever had to get by at the end.  I changed the way I had it loaded so I could get my quilting to the edge of the quilt.  Wowsers!  (Just 1 inch to spare before it is quilted to my frame!!)  The customer is my friend and had warned me that she made a change in the top plan and it might be close.  We had a good smile over this!!

20150914_105230 B




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2 responses to “Football Fan Quilt

  1. Mary Ann

    Terrific Job, and I love the football motif!

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