This is a video I made that shows how I join my binding strips at the end for a smooth seam.   I’m no pro at videos but I hope this can help you anyway!  I’d also like to write out the instructions for a pdf download so stay tuned for that.


If your quilt has a due date for a special occasion, please let me know as soon as you can so I can put you on the list.  Those with dates scheduled receive priority timing.  Currently my turnaround time is about 4 weeks but that varies on the upcoming holiday or seasons as well as for those with reservations.

Start to finish special order quilts are available with as much input as you want to provide.

I will do all the finishing of your quilt if desired.  Piecing the backing, making and attaching binding, finishing the binding, adding a label, as well as your other requests.  I also finish quilt tops that have been purchased at auctions for people who don’t quilt at all.

Preparation for Quilting

Make sure you press as you assemble your top.  Once it is finished, give it a good final pressing and make sure your seam allowances are going the way you want them.

If your quilt top is borderless, ends in pieced blocks, stitch 1/8″ away from the edge with a straight stitch or small zig-zag to stabilize all the edges and seams.  You can also use a serger on the edge as that is fast and very good to stabilize.

If you piece your own backing, trim the selvages and use 1/2″ seams.  Press the seams on the backing open.

Adding Borders on a Quilt

Measurements should be taken across the center of the quilt in two or three places for both the width and length.

To make a border with straight-cut corners:

  1. Determine the length of the quilt border by averaging the two or three center measurements of the quilt body.
  1. Cut two borders that length and pin them to opposite sides of the quilt.  Match the ends and centers, then gently ease in any fullness.
  1. Pin, sew, and press.
  1. Repeat for the top and bottom borders measuring the width, averaging, etc.

Information from Linda Taylor’s book The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine Quilting, 2002.

If you would like this information along with some diagrams, send me your email and I can send it as an attachment.


2 responses to “Tips

  1. Mary Ann

    Excellant video—I never noticed this before!

  2. Patti

    Thanks for posting! Really helped me out a great deal! 🙂 You made binding work look very simple! :):)

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