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Football Fan Quilt

Personal fan or not, when someone special in the family is a fan you endure and make them a quilt!  So the customer made this for a special upcoming birthday.

IMG_20150915_104058 b

And special-ordered the football pantograph for me to use for quilting!

Oh, this was the closest I’ve ever had to get by at the end.  I changed the way I had it loaded so I could get my quilting to the edge of the quilt.  Wowsers!  (Just 1 inch to spare before it is quilted to my frame!!)  The customer is my friend and had warned me that she made a change in the top plan and it might be close.  We had a good smile over this!!

20150914_105230 B




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Motorcycle Quilt

This customer found the pantograph online that was perfect for her quilt.

She stitched the brand-name embroidery sections from a licensed distributor.  Then she used a purchased pattern and her fabrics.  I think it is a fun quilt.

KTM 02

It was a great Christmas gift for her to give!!

KTM 03


And he likes it!  Win – Win!

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Antique Drunkards Path

This beautiful antique quilt top was an auction find that my mother-in-law purchased.  (shh…  under $10)  I added good quality muslin (Fat Quarter Shop has 108″ that is really nice) for the backing and binding.

full B

She likes my Pantagraphs and has me choose them as we go.

stitches B

The center Drunkards Path blocks were pieced by hand and were all well done.  No repairs were needed.  I think they are feed sack fabrics.  It isn’t exactly all the same prints but they look near enough alike that the eye thinks they are the same.  Maybe this top has a story about digging through sacks to find more that coordinate! The border fabric was added later by machine and seems to be from a different decade.

close B

label B

Part of the finishing includes a label.  Because it is for family, I give it a wash in my machine to clean up years of dirt & etc as well as (especially for this one!!) remove various and excess dye.  It has a lovely, cuddly grandmotherly feel and look to it now.  Now usable instead of sitting on a shelf in the closet.  Best use for a quilt!

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Sunroom Quilt

A new addition to her home prompted this quilter to make a new quilt to coordinate with her new room.  She used the pattern, Marcie’s Maze, and used purchased pieces, not a jelly roll as the pattern suggests.  Super cute fabrics and great piecing!




Doesn’t this make you wish you had a new sunroom to decorate?


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Shoo Fly, Oh My!

I started this quilt at a quilt retreat in July and worked throughout the fall on the piecing.  I finished it over Christmas & New Year’s.  The pattern is called Shoo Fly, Oh My. The regular Shoo Fly block and then little ones in the sashing that make you say, “Oh my!” when you are piecing them!

I added the yummy Wool & Needle flannel for backing and with the Hobbs 80/20 batting it is so cozy on the couch!!  However, I kept forgetting to draft my men to hold it for a photo.  (Well, and the fact that I stumbled on the steps and when my back is out, my brain seems to go with it!!)

I made this from 22 fat quarters of 80’s & 90’s blue fabrics from my stash.  I added in a new tan fabric for the background.  I’m quite pleased with the quilt and that I could make something nice from the dated fabrics.  🙂

I quilted this in a circular pattern using a pantograph.  I think the circular quilting compliments the angular piecing.

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Christmas Quilt

My friend made this quilt out of some stunning Christmas fabrics!  (mostly Montana Modern fabric line)

The back with black flannel and some of the leftover fabrics for a dynamic pieced back.

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A Quilt for Her Man

My friend had a request from her hubby for a quilt and she lost the umption for it… oh, a few years ago!  😦   We’ve all BTDT!!  This fall with our sewing group she pulled it out to work on while we were together & visiting.  Good idea!

We all thought it looked great and she redesigned it mid-stream which gave it new life!  Now it is finished! 🙂

Since one of the holders is friends with the recipient, he thought comedy was needed in the photo.  :eyeroll:  The narrow red border & scrappy outer border add a great touch to the center strippy blocks.

As her pieced back rolled onto the take-up bar, I gasped.  Stunning!  🙂  The backing is blocks of various red fabrics, framed with the Woolen Flannel she chose.  Fantastic!  (I am so going to find this fabric for backing something of my own.  Woolen Needle Flannel.  Thick, soft, & yummy!!)


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Little Rascals Baby Quilt

How cute is this?!  A split 9-patch for a quick & charming baby quilt.

This quilt got a pantograph quilting pattern which is great for a simple piecing design, highlights the fabrics, and is more cost-effective for a gift.

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Collage of Quilts II

I made this quilt for an online group I’m in using charm squares.  However, this fabric line jumped out of the shop (Fat Quarter Shop) and grabbed me so I altered the monthly pattern for March a bit!  The original pattern called for 9 of the pieced blocks.

I made 14 pieced blocks plus added in the preprint of roses.  I kept the pattern sashing and made the border wider.

This quilt is quilted with a complex pantograph pattern.  It is delightful on the front and the back!   A lovely floral print –


Another quilt I finished with a complex pantograph design is this fall wallhanging.

It is about 50″ square and I made this back in 2001 or so.   It is funny — I entered an online quilt shop’s drawing and was thrilled to be notified I won a $100 gift certificate!  A few hours later I was told they had a glitch in the system and it had told EVERYONE they were winners!  They kept a strong face and gave us all the gift certificates!   I bought these fabrics from the win.

Quilted with a blowing leaf design.  The fall season is long here on the farm so making this quilt was good therapy that year!

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