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T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Several customers have asked about tshirt quilts so I finished this one using my daughter’s shirts.  I hope this helps show you a new way to have a tshirt quilt.  I like the layout with a variety of shirt sizes and the added fabric pieces between the shirts.  I used my daughter’s favorite colors and those that went well with the shirts.  It is bright because she likes bright!  Not all tshirt quilts scream like this one!!  🙂

I was able to use fronts & backs of the shirts as well as the little emblems that are above the front pockets.  I also used small designs on the sleeves.  Quite fun!

This quilt was quilted with Superior Thread, Rainbow, Gypsy which is a bright pink variegated thread.   Here is a photo of the back showing the turquoise flannel backing and the quilting.  I used a freehand floral design in the border and then a variation of that with swirls for the body of the quilt.

Let me know if you’d like me to make a tshirt quilt for you.  Of course, the price varies depending on the size you want and the number of shirts.



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MS Shirts

I received this fun quilt last weekend.  I just had Thursday – Monday to get it done and I was gone both Friday & Monday.   Very funny but totally doable knowing it was coming ahead of time.   It also helped the owner asked for a medium meander that goes a bit faster than custom work.

J said her son works for Microsoft and over time sent her shirts to make a quilt for him.  AND… get this… I knew the attic windows setting and thought that was a clever way to use shirts in a quilt.  But… windows… get it?  For the Microsoft guy.  🙂   Quite clever!!

I used a smaller than “medium” meander to keep the embroidery and shirts from puffing.   Sometimes I quilted through a lot of layers and was thrilled the machine just worked like a knife to melted butter.   🙂   Think about it: pocket, seam allowance for pocket, shirt, interfacing behind shirt, batting, fusible for backing appliqué, backing appliqué, backing.   Whew!

Yes, there is an applique on the backing!   The quilt is about 58″ x 58″ so this is a huge Windows emblem for the back!

I hope you & your son love the quilt, J!  Thank you and thanks to Shelly for being the courier.  🙂


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