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Open For Business

I was ready to accept customer quilts in mid-April.    And about that quickly I had 3 quilts from a friend to finish.   Two of them are baby quilts.  Here is one I have permission to post.

She used a variety of 1930’s prints for this crib quilt.  I quilted with a basic custom design adapting it to fit the blocks, the spaces between the blocks, and the edges.

Superior’s So Fine thread blends so well with the reproduction fabrics!  This quilter is fantastic with getting bindings on so I’m sure her quilts are already finished.

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Collage of Quilts I

This quilt was made at a retreat a few years ago from the book, Strawberry Jam.  This is the Argyle Sock pattern.  I really enjoyed quilting this and love the border quilting.  It is with variegated thread because I love the accent the thread gave it.

The center 4-patch is cut on the bias and sewed on with the raw edges so the edges frayed when I washed the quilt.  Here you can see the border quilting better.  This is basic custom quilting with the variegated thread.   It is so cozy with a flannel backing.


I love this quilt so took lots of photos of it!  I made this at a guild workshop and I’m so glad to have it quilted.  It is on the couch now as a spring throw!

This quilt has basic custom quilting with a variation of continuous curve (more like a bracket) for the blocks & sashings and a meandering leaf for the outer 2 borders.   This is quilted with So Fine thread which blends well with the reproduction fabrics.

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