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Around the Block with a Splash

This quilt is a special order for her MIL for Christmas.


Her suggestions were: greens, browns, nature-y, with a splash of red.  I used a purchased pattern that I altered for the splash of red and love this so much I have 2 more planned in other colors to sell.



A special label with all the family names.



Close-up of the quilting.  I just played with the machine and had leaves, feathers, and vine/swirls for the quilting.


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Motorcycle Quilt

This customer found the pantograph online that was perfect for her quilt.

She stitched the brand-name embroidery sections from a licensed distributor.  Then she used a purchased pattern and her fabrics.  I think it is a fun quilt.

KTM 02

It was a great Christmas gift for her to give!!

KTM 03


And he likes it!  Win – Win!

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Civil War Reproduction Quilt

What a fun time when a dear friend brings her friend who needs a top quilted!  We enjoyed our visiting time and they also got a studio tour while here.  This beautiful quilt is for her bed and she did a wonderful job on the piecing.  She asked for a medium meander for the quilting all-over.



I think she did this as a block of the month.  There is wide sashing and corner posts and a very wide border.  I assume the pieced top is just right for the top of the bed.  The bottom right block as the Underground Railroad story.


My favorite block ~


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Spiced Chai

This pattern is from a new book, Vintage Quilt Revival.  This quilter used new linen-like cotton fabrics now available in quilt shops and they are so pretty!!  Great visual texture and they feel wonderful.  Look for them at your local quilt shop.

Spiced Chai 00 b

This is all hand-guided free hand quilting customized to her wishes.  Of course, all hand-guided quilting has a touch of uniqueness to the quilter, much like hand-writing has a bit of each individual that shines out.

side B

I really loved watching this quilt come to life as I quilted it.  With the name, Spiced Chai, and the quilting on Monday morning, I was reminded of a warm mug of hot cocoa… and had one for a snack later!

star B


My great-niece saw some photos of this quilt and just couldn’t choose which color in this area she liked best!

Spiced Chai quilt B

The blocks are 15″ and the quilt is 60″ square.  Lovely, simple, modern.  This pattern would be so unique to you depending on your fabrics.

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Sunroom Quilt

A new addition to her home prompted this quilter to make a new quilt to coordinate with her new room.  She used the pattern, Marcie’s Maze, and used purchased pieces, not a jelly roll as the pattern suggests.  Super cute fabrics and great piecing!




Doesn’t this make you wish you had a new sunroom to decorate?


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Lizzie’s Triangles

I repaired and finished a quilt top that my husband’s grandmother had made years ago.  He has such fond memories with her.   His cousin owns this quilt and she is glad to have the quilt finished now and out of the closet.
02 B
I needed to do a lot of repairs.  Some was because of age and years of living in a plastic bag but other repairs were needed just because seams had come apart that weren’t sewn together well.  It is a small connection to have shared this project with someone who my husband loved and is part of our family heritage.

03 b

I was only able to add a meander quilting design as I needed to go slowly and work from the front of my machine to help it over bulky seam corners and watch for holes in the piecing that I had missed as I repaired it.

04 b

Both the owner and I are pleased with the finished quilt.  I added a label with the quilt’s story and our connecting names. I enjoyed hearing stories of times she spent with her grandmother and all that she learned alongside of her.

01 B

Her husband made a quilt rack from wood from the family farm barn for her display.  Many special memories are all worked into this piece.

05 b

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Review of 2011

What a great year I’ve had with my new quilting business!  Thank you for being a part of it all!!

Just a quick wrap-up of the year, I checked the stitch counter on my HQ Fusion.  Since its set-up in March, I’ve put on 4,277,444 stitches.  Yahoo!!!  I assume with a whole new year ahead of me, I’ll go over 5 million stitches next year.

With the quiet of the last 2 weeks, I finished piecing a quilt (below) that I started in July and I got it quilted.

It is at my personal binder’s so I’ll post that in a few days.

I finished my Bargello top and that is ready to load for some fancy quilting.  I’m excited about doing that but a bit nervous too.

And my daughter’s shirts are ready for piecing for a tshirt quilt.

I appreciate you following along and hope to have photos for you in a few days!  Happy quilting in the new year!

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Sue L made a Twister quilt as one of her first projects and used a charm square pack from Kansas Treasures.    She finished this 21″ square quilt and asked for meandering.  I did a smaller than normal meander in porportion to the size of the quilt.

With the scraps leftover, she then made this 12″ x 12″ mini twister quilt.  It is so cute!!  Lots of tiny squares and seams for a beginner.  🙂

Since she provided a width of fabric for her backing, I floated the little quilt beside the big one for quilting.  I think she’ll want to see how I did that so I took this photo while they were still in the quilt frame.


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Vintage Cross-Stitch

My MIL brought this quilt top over for me to finish.  She asked that I add a wide border, do the quilting, and finish it all.

It came to me in sad shape but I was sure it had a lot of potential!

I added a wide border and went through some older quilt books (thanks MA!) for quilting designs.  Thankful for a new century of technology, I scanned and enlarged them to just the size I needed.    After all the quilting, I washed & dried the quilt.   All the wonderful vintage love, oozed out of the newly finished quilt.  We don’t know the maker of the cross-stitched blocks but I think she is happy.

There aren’t any stains at all on the quilt.   My lighting here gives that appearance.

I loved this quilt so much, I took a look on ebay over the last few days and got myself my own vintage quilt tops that need quilted.   I’m anxious for them to arrive.

Did you make cross-stitch blocks like this back in the day?  When did you make yours?  I’d love to have more of a date for this embroidery.


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