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A Quilt for Her Man

My friend had a request from her hubby for a quilt and she lost the umption for it… oh, a few years ago! ¬†ūüė¶ ¬† We’ve all BTDT!! ¬†This fall with our sewing group she pulled it out to work on while we were together & visiting. ¬†Good idea!

We all thought it looked great and she redesigned it mid-stream which gave it new life! ¬†Now it is finished! ūüôā

Since one of the holders is friends with the recipient, he thought comedy was needed in the photo.  :eyeroll:  The narrow red border & scrappy outer border add a great touch to the center strippy blocks.

As her pieced back rolled onto the take-up bar, I gasped. ¬†Stunning! ¬†ūüôā ¬†The backing is blocks of various red fabrics, framed with the Woolen Flannel she chose. ¬†Fantastic! ¬†(I am so going to find this fabric for backing something of my own. ¬†Woolen Needle Flannel. ¬†Thick, soft, & yummy!!)



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Graduated Batiks

This quilt by E is for her son for Christmas.  I was thrilled to be able to help her and I had it done for her to pick-up the first of December.   The batiks she used were stunning and she has a good eye for color & design.

The quilt is 80″ x 100″ so I had a bit of a challenge to get a whole photo of it. ¬†The holders were somewhat cooperative this night!

E chose an all-over swirl design and we used a lighter thread on the inner sections and a darker thread on the outer sections.

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