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Little Rascals Baby Quilt

How cute is this?!  A split 9-patch for a quick & charming baby quilt.

This quilt got a pantograph quilting pattern which is great for a simple piecing design, highlights the fabrics, and is more cost-effective for a gift.

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Red & Black

My customer made this wallhanging to take when they visit with her friend this month.  It really is real, pure red and black; not sure why the colors are wrong in my photos.

Close-up of the freehand quilting in the blocks —

The back showing the quilting; here the colors are accurate.


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Golden Yellows & Olive Greens

This quilt is so calming and the colors are just right for fall!  I was glad to meet a new customer via one of the quilt shops.

This is a large quilt and my photography capabilities at this size are rather limited.  (Especially with my long armed men working extra hours this time of year!)   There are daffodils in the green prints!!  I loved these fabrics.

The 3 printed sections are quilted with a floral vine to fill the wide space.  Then I used variations of that in the pieced blocks, framing a flower set in each one.  The borders include parts of the main floral design using the leaves & scrolling bud branching out from the seams.

The customer was pleased and I really enjoyed quilting this design!  The quilting is all freehand and has an natural feel with slight variations to all the floral designs.

As usual, the backing showcases the quilting!


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Endless Summer

I thought I’d take the next few posts to show you the quilts I made for myself that I took to my guild’s quilt show last weekend.

I just love the fabrics in this quilt named Endless Summer.   It has 14 pieced blocks alternating with the coordinating printed blocks.  The piecing pattern is a Schnibbles pattern but I made more blocks than the patterns suggested 9.

Endless Summer is quilted with an all-over pantograph design of flowers & swirls.  I love this pattern and while it fit with the quilt fabrics, it doesn’t detract from the pieced blocks.    I use this quilt on my side of the bed when my hubby isn’t interested in more covers yet.  Plus it is a joy to awaken to!

Pantograph designs for quilting are priced between an all-over meander and custom quilting.

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Irish Chain

E made this Irish Chain in neutrals for her granddaughter’s wedding gift.   I added a custom bud/leaf combo that she had chosen to the cream squares and a double swirl meander to the remaining areas of the quilt.  E was thrilled!

One of the cream squares. They are placed in a variety of directions and they are all about the same but all a bit different.

It is about queen size.





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Baby Sayings

Another quilt I finished for MA is this baby sayings quilt.   The pale yellow border is also used as the backing and coordinates well with the sayings and the olive green border.

This quilt is about 31″ x 38″.   The borders are quilted with freehand hearts and the blocks are done with a freehand design that coordinates with the hearts.


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Cool Penguins

Cute penguins on the cool water.   I figured just looking at them would help keep me cool while I worked!

The quilt is about 39″ x 51″.

I outline quilted the penguins and fish and then added freehand waves of various sizes across the water.   The backing is a flannel print of penguins on icebergs.  Just a perfect finish to her quilt.

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MS Shirts

I received this fun quilt last weekend.  I just had Thursday – Monday to get it done and I was gone both Friday & Monday.   Very funny but totally doable knowing it was coming ahead of time.   It also helped the owner asked for a medium meander that goes a bit faster than custom work.

J said her son works for Microsoft and over time sent her shirts to make a quilt for him.  AND… get this… I knew the attic windows setting and thought that was a clever way to use shirts in a quilt.  But… windows… get it?  For the Microsoft guy.  🙂   Quite clever!!

I used a smaller than “medium” meander to keep the embroidery and shirts from puffing.   Sometimes I quilted through a lot of layers and was thrilled the machine just worked like a knife to melted butter.   🙂   Think about it: pocket, seam allowance for pocket, shirt, interfacing behind shirt, batting, fusible for backing appliqué, backing appliqué, backing.   Whew!

Yes, there is an applique on the backing!   The quilt is about 58″ x 58″ so this is a huge Windows emblem for the back!

I hope you & your son love the quilt, J!  Thank you and thanks to Shelly for being the courier.  🙂


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C’s Block Exchange

This quilt has some personal attachments so I was honored to quilt this for C.

We were both in this block exchange and it was such an encouragement to me to see her quilt top completed!  Now I want to get to mine.  🙂

C was interested in having her quilt finished and finished quickly so chose a medium meander for the quilting.  I used a variegated light green thread which blended well with all the blocks and especially with her sashing & border.

I love the texture that quilting gives to a piece!  Thanks, C!!  And for your special visit.  😉

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L’s Baby Quilt

This is a gift I made for L & her baby A.  Dear L is my nephew’s sister-in-law.    The 2 sisters (my nephew’s wife & her sister) are a delight to me, so I told the SIL back in December that I was adopting her as my own.  Henceforth, she had a new baby in February and since all the great-nieces & great-nephews get quilts from Great Aunt Joyce, I set out to make one for little A as well.

I knew they liked the bright pink & black combo so I was thrilled to find these fabrics to use.   At one point I considered downsizing the quilt. However, when it came time to make it, I kept it big.  It is a huge baby quilt!  More room for the new baby to grow.    🙂   The colors are most accurate in the first photo (here) and the last one.

The quilt is 48″ x 56″.  I loved the look of jumbo blocks (16″)  and think I’ll use this pattern again.

Custom quilting with variegated black & white thread.  I love the look of it!

The border has freehand flowers dancing along the edges.

And to end it all in style, striped binding cut on the bias.  A favorite touch of mine.

Sadly, this family lives 5 hours away so I shipped the quilt to them last week.  I’ll be happy to meet this new one when I can.  The embroidered label on the back has the baby’s full name and birth date.  Signed by “Great Aunt” Joyce in quotes since I’m a fake.  🙂


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