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Floral Lap Quilt

A young member of one of my quilt guilds was diagnosed with cancer this winter so we rallied and made a lap quilt for her recovery time.   These girls work fast and put the top together at a sewing day and had it ready that night for me at guild.  I quilted it and another member added the binding.   We were able to give it to her the day before her surgery and she was so appreciative!!

The back shows some of the quilting and the label that most of our guild signed during the February meeting.

This is a close-up of the 9-patch block.

I thought the fabrics and pattern were just great for a cheery get well soon quilt.



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This is one of my own quilts but I’m pretty happy with the quilting so thought I’d show you.  I’ll be teaching a version of this quilt in June at my local guild if you are interested.

It is 33″ x 46″.  I used all my own hand-dyed fabrics for this.  It is very bright, but I’m loving it!


Here is the back since many have been interested in that view as well with this quilt.  I sewed my label on before quilting this time.

I used a double layer of batting; Hobbs 80/20 on the bottom and Hobbs Wool on the top.  It added some additional dimension to the unquilted areas but I also think it is too heavily quilted to really see the benefit this time.

This quilt will head to our daughter’s once I’m done with my workshop in June.


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Embroidered Baby Quilt

SP is new to quilting but a pro at embroidery!  She saw this idea at a quilt show and together we worked out the instructions for cutting.   Her embroidery is perfect!  🙂

It is 45″ square with 6″ blocks and 6″ Nine-Patch blocks.

The pieced blocks have a freehand quilt design that coordinates with the border quilting.  I added meander quilting around the embroidery.

A new border…. and I like it!  🙂  I used a pastel variegated thread with a touch of shimmer to it.  Love the effect of Superior Rainbows thread!!

I added the binding for her and our mutual friend is hand-stitching it to the back as we speak!   I think this is a lovely baby gift!! ♥


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Island Breeze

I was honored to have a quilt shop owner ask me to quilt HER quilt for her.  She liked some custom quilting I did and wanted that look on her quilt.

The colors are so calming, I hope they translate to the computer correctly.  A light aqua and medium celery with white sashings so I named it Island Breeze!  LOL!! What looks like a variety of square fabrics is really a pre-pieced panel she bought.  What a terrific use of those fabrics!

The border squares were each quilted with a freehand design of a frond & leaf.

The wide border has leaves and fern fronds… thinking that is the new name for them!  🙂

This is quilted with Superior’s King Tut variegated thread.  It was perfect with the fabrics!

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Christmas Quilt

My friend made this quilt out of some stunning Christmas fabrics!  (mostly Montana Modern fabric line)

The back with black flannel and some of the leftover fabrics for a dynamic pieced back.

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Cross-Stitch Quilts

My sister made these cross-stitch blocks with a quilt theme several years ago and asked me to make a wallhanging with them sometime.  I started this spring and then it was put on the back-burner.  I promised she have it by Christmas and she does!  🙂

I designed the layout and chose the fabrics using her paint swatches for reference.

Nancy let me have free-reign with the quilting and I knew just what I wanted to do.  Loved the pink & peach variegated thread that went with it perfectly!   As an added bonus, our parents were here when I quilted it and they just were delighted to hang out and watch the process.

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A Quilt for Her Man

My friend had a request from her hubby for a quilt and she lost the umption for it… oh, a few years ago!  😦   We’ve all BTDT!!  This fall with our sewing group she pulled it out to work on while we were together & visiting.  Good idea!

We all thought it looked great and she redesigned it mid-stream which gave it new life!  Now it is finished! 🙂

Since one of the holders is friends with the recipient, he thought comedy was needed in the photo.  :eyeroll:  The narrow red border & scrappy outer border add a great touch to the center strippy blocks.

As her pieced back rolled onto the take-up bar, I gasped.  Stunning!  🙂  The backing is blocks of various red fabrics, framed with the Woolen Flannel she chose.  Fantastic!  (I am so going to find this fabric for backing something of my own.  Woolen Needle Flannel.  Thick, soft, & yummy!!)


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Graduated Batiks

This quilt by E is for her son for Christmas.  I was thrilled to be able to help her and I had it done for her to pick-up the first of December.   The batiks she used were stunning and she has a good eye for color & design.

The quilt is 80″ x 100″ so I had a bit of a challenge to get a whole photo of it.  The holders were somewhat cooperative this night!

E chose an all-over swirl design and we used a lighter thread on the inner sections and a darker thread on the outer sections.

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Christmas Twister

Here is a super gift idea that S gave to her friend!

This twister is the table top size made with charm squares.

She requested loops in each pinwheel and supplied the red & green variegated thread.  We both were pleased with the results!

S is a whiz at making the mini twister from the leftovers and I’m able to quilt them side by side.

I think I need to make a few of these for Christmas decorations!  So cute with a candle centerpiece.


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Civil War Reproduction Baskets

This quilt is for my guild’s raffle next year.  I was happy to quilt it and wanted to keep a more traditional feel to it to go with the Civil War era.  The basket pattern is from the Farmer’s Wife book.   By using the companion CD of patterns that works with Electric Quilt, we increased the size to an 8″ block quite easily.  We designed the quilt to be queen size (89″ x 115″) and enough baskets for the whole guild to participate in making a block if they wished.

All the baskets & blocks were outlined, stitched-in-the-ditch, one of the hardest and slowest ways to quilt on a long-arm.

The wide border is quilted with a cabled feather design.

Showing the back of the quilt above & below.

The quilt is at another member’s home now as she puts on the binding.  In the new year, the raffle ticket committee will take over for the rest of the raffle project.  I’ll have tickets available sometime in February or March, depending on how the committee works.  We have our part done… making the quilt in 2011!

Only the committee got a peak at the quilt so far as it was passed to the binder.  Here is a bonus for the guild members that follow my site.  🙂


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