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Antique Drunkards Path

This beautiful antique quilt top was an auction find that my mother-in-law purchased.  (shh…  under $10)  I added good quality muslin (Fat Quarter Shop has 108″ that is really nice) for the backing and binding.

full B

She likes my Pantagraphs and has me choose them as we go.

stitches B

The center Drunkards Path blocks were pieced by hand and were all well done.  No repairs were needed.  I think they are feed sack fabrics.  It isn’t exactly all the same prints but they look near enough alike that the eye thinks they are the same.  Maybe this top has a story about digging through sacks to find more that coordinate! The border fabric was added later by machine and seems to be from a different decade.

close B

label B

Part of the finishing includes a label.  Because it is for family, I give it a wash in my machine to clean up years of dirt & etc as well as (especially for this one!!) remove various and excess dye.  It has a lovely, cuddly grandmotherly feel and look to it now.  Now usable instead of sitting on a shelf in the closet.  Best use for a quilt!


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Lizzie’s Triangles

I repaired and finished a quilt top that my husband’s grandmother had made years ago.  He has such fond memories with her.   His cousin owns this quilt and she is glad to have the quilt finished now and out of the closet.
02 B
I needed to do a lot of repairs.  Some was because of age and years of living in a plastic bag but other repairs were needed just because seams had come apart that weren’t sewn together well.  It is a small connection to have shared this project with someone who my husband loved and is part of our family heritage.

03 b

I was only able to add a meander quilting design as I needed to go slowly and work from the front of my machine to help it over bulky seam corners and watch for holes in the piecing that I had missed as I repaired it.

04 b

Both the owner and I are pleased with the finished quilt.  I added a label with the quilt’s story and our connecting names. I enjoyed hearing stories of times she spent with her grandmother and all that she learned alongside of her.

01 B

Her husband made a quilt rack from wood from the family farm barn for her display.  Many special memories are all worked into this piece.

05 b

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