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Pieceful Nights

This is another quilt I showed at the guild’s show last weekend.

The aisles were too narrow for me to get back any farther for a better photo.  It is so nice at shows to have the quilts hanging.

I made this during a 2008 Block of the Month program.  I made the optional center medallion and used their setting instructions.  Then I added the extra green border to make it closer to bed size.

The blocks have in the ditch quilting and the bigger areas and the borders have free-motion quilting.  This is the last big quilt I quilted on my home sewing machine.   I finished the piecing in February of 2009 but didn’t finish the quilting until September 2009.  I offered this quilt to my son since I finished it the year he graduated from high school.  He didn’t want it then so I’ll ask him another year.  🙂


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Vintage Cross-Stitch

My MIL brought this quilt top over for me to finish.  She asked that I add a wide border, do the quilting, and finish it all.

It came to me in sad shape but I was sure it had a lot of potential!

I added a wide border and went through some older quilt books (thanks MA!) for quilting designs.  Thankful for a new century of technology, I scanned and enlarged them to just the size I needed.    After all the quilting, I washed & dried the quilt.   All the wonderful vintage love, oozed out of the newly finished quilt.  We don’t know the maker of the cross-stitched blocks but I think she is happy.

There aren’t any stains at all on the quilt.   My lighting here gives that appearance.

I loved this quilt so much, I took a look on ebay over the last few days and got myself my own vintage quilt tops that need quilted.   I’m anxious for them to arrive.

Did you make cross-stitch blocks like this back in the day?  When did you make yours?  I’d love to have more of a date for this embroidery.


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L’s Baby Quilt

This is a gift I made for L & her baby A.  Dear L is my nephew’s sister-in-law.    The 2 sisters (my nephew’s wife & her sister) are a delight to me, so I told the SIL back in December that I was adopting her as my own.  Henceforth, she had a new baby in February and since all the great-nieces & great-nephews get quilts from Great Aunt Joyce, I set out to make one for little A as well.

I knew they liked the bright pink & black combo so I was thrilled to find these fabrics to use.   At one point I considered downsizing the quilt. However, when it came time to make it, I kept it big.  It is a huge baby quilt!  More room for the new baby to grow.    🙂   The colors are most accurate in the first photo (here) and the last one.

The quilt is 48″ x 56″.  I loved the look of jumbo blocks (16″)  and think I’ll use this pattern again.

Custom quilting with variegated black & white thread.  I love the look of it!

The border has freehand flowers dancing along the edges.

And to end it all in style, striped binding cut on the bias.  A favorite touch of mine.

Sadly, this family lives 5 hours away so I shipped the quilt to them last week.  I’ll be happy to meet this new one when I can.  The embroidered label on the back has the baby’s full name and birth date.  Signed by “Great Aunt” Joyce in quotes since I’m a fake.  🙂


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A Family Memory Quilt

This family talked to me in December about making a memory quilt for the mother’s 80th birthday.  I thanked them for being another affirmation from God that my quilting business was the right step to take!

They collected the family blocks and gave them to me in mid-April.  The 2 sisters & I had worked on design ideas and we had the design and colors decided at that time as well.  They are not quilters and agreed to have me do the shopping for the fabrics.   I had about 3 1/2 weeks to make and complete the quilt.  (that’s where I’ve been in the last month!)

I’m pleased with the final quilt and so were my clients!   The sisters have both thanked me extra times and the mother who received this gift just called the other day with her thanks as well.

This large wall-hanging is 88″ x 88″ so I had a bit of a struggle getting a photo!  (Plus this was during a busy time for my husband to help me.)   This photo shows the scrappy red & blue stars.

I took this photo without the flash to show the quilting designs better.    I did basic custom quilting on this with a special border design, repeated round the center photo.   With custom freehand quilting, I was able to quilt each family block individually and customize it to their design.   Most of the quilting is with So Fine thread and the borders and special designs were with King Tut variegated thread.  I used Superior’s MonoPoly thread on the the quilting for the photos.

The center photo and one other one, I printed on photo fabric for them.  I’m thrilled with the quality of the photos on fabric.   The family requested I add a saying which I embroidered for the corners of the middle border around the photo.    The star blocks not filled with a family block include coordinating quilting in the centers.

While the quilt was still on the frame, I took this photo from the underneath side.  This shows the freehand design I used in the borders as well as around the center photo.

I added a wide sleeve across the back for hanging and the owner is thrilled to have this in her living room now to enjoy all the time.    A lovely birthday present!


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Collage of Quilts I

This quilt was made at a retreat a few years ago from the book, Strawberry Jam.  This is the Argyle Sock pattern.  I really enjoyed quilting this and love the border quilting.  It is with variegated thread because I love the accent the thread gave it.

The center 4-patch is cut on the bias and sewed on with the raw edges so the edges frayed when I washed the quilt.  Here you can see the border quilting better.  This is basic custom quilting with the variegated thread.   It is so cozy with a flannel backing.


I love this quilt so took lots of photos of it!  I made this at a guild workshop and I’m so glad to have it quilted.  It is on the couch now as a spring throw!

This quilt has basic custom quilting with a variation of continuous curve (more like a bracket) for the blocks & sashings and a meandering leaf for the outer 2 borders.   This is quilted with So Fine thread which blends well with the reproduction fabrics.

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Thank you for coming to my quilting blog! I’m Mrs. So & So. I love quilting and am THRILLED that this year has meant moving my quilting from a hobby to my job. It is a delight to go to my sewing room and studio and call it work.

I do quilting for those who have already pieced or appliquéd their quilt top (custom long-arm quilting) but I also make quilts for those who don’t quilt at all or just don’t want to handle making a bigger quilt (start-to-finish quilting).

As I complete projects, I’ll post photos here in the blog section of the website. I plan to add pages with Gallery photos as well as information on how to prepare your top for quilting or what to think about when having a quilt made for you. For now, there is a bit about me on the Contact page. You can find the other pages of the site along the top bar of this page.

I hope you let me know you’ve found me by leaving a comment.  If you ask questions in the comment section, I’ll reply to you in the comments as well as to your email if you’ve included it.

If you are on Facebook, I hope you’ll find Mrs. So & So and like my page!


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