Vintage Cross-Stitch

My MIL brought this quilt top over for me to finish.  She asked that I add a wide border, do the quilting, and finish it all.

It came to me in sad shape but I was sure it had a lot of potential!

I added a wide border and went through some older quilt books (thanks MA!) for quilting designs.  Thankful for a new century of technology, I scanned and enlarged them to just the size I needed.    After all the quilting, I washed & dried the quilt.   All the wonderful vintage love, oozed out of the newly finished quilt.  We don’t know the maker of the cross-stitched blocks but I think she is happy.

There aren’t any stains at all on the quilt.   My lighting here gives that appearance.

I loved this quilt so much, I took a look on ebay over the last few days and got myself my own vintage quilt tops that need quilted.   I’m anxious for them to arrive.

Did you make cross-stitch blocks like this back in the day?  When did you make yours?  I’d love to have more of a date for this embroidery.



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5 responses to “Vintage Cross-Stitch

  1. Diana

    I love vintage quilts, and how awesome that it has no stains, so many vintage ones do, unfortunately. Turned out great!

  2. Ellen

    Great job, Joyce! Jane has done several similar quilts. I’ll ask her if she got any sense of date from the owner. Actually, at a quilt group meeting yesterday, one member had cross stitched one that had been handed over to her and just had the Highland group hand quilt it. Really pretty when they are quilted.

  3. Looks wonderful! Good job, Jane! 😉

  4. Mary Ann

    The quilt is gorgeous, and your guilting is the highlight and makes it so.

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