Thank you for coming to my quilting blog! I’m Mrs. So & So. I love quilting and am THRILLED that this year has meant moving my quilting from a hobby to my job. It is a delight to go to my sewing room and studio and call it work.

I do quilting for those who have already pieced or appliquéd their quilt top (custom long-arm quilting) but I also make quilts for those who don’t quilt at all or just don’t want to handle making a bigger quilt (start-to-finish quilting).

As I complete projects, I’ll post photos here in the blog section of the website. I plan to add pages with Gallery photos as well as information on how to prepare your top for quilting or what to think about when having a quilt made for you. For now, there is a bit about me on the Contact page. You can find the other pages of the site along the top bar of this page.

I hope you let me know you’ve found me by leaving a comment.  If you ask questions in the comment section, I’ll reply to you in the comments as well as to your email if you’ve included it.

If you are on Facebook, I hope you’ll find Mrs. So & So and like my page!



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9 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Monica

    Wow! A new blog! How exciting!
    Can’t wait to see what you’re working on. 🙂

  2. Peg

    Wow! That is all I can say. What a beautiful jo you did on both of the quilts shown. I love the border quilting on the argyle socks quilt too.

  3. Nancy Lentz

    Looks wonderful! Blessings on the new venture.

  4. Love your new site, Joyce. Will have to look into having you finish one of these many tops I have rolled in the Longeberger laundry basket. Now that you have lots of time with your home schooling obligations out of the way, You should do well and smart to put it on Facebook. Lots of Love

  5. Jennifer Shelton

    Joyce- Too funny! I was just telling my son I knew someone who just got their long arm machine and maybe I would talk to her about doing the quilting for his quilt. I may be doing that later in the summer. I’ve got to get the top done first. You know of me through Sonlight 🙂

  6. Sharon Winter

    Nice site, Joyce. I’m going to forward the URL to my daughter-in-law, Michelle. She calls herself a fabric artist. Says she isn’t good enough to call herself a quilter. Personally, I think she does a great job! Anyway, congratulations, and I’ll look forward to more posts.

  7. Robyn

    Woohoo! I knew her when….. *insert proud voice and puffed up chest here* :o)

  8. Wow!!! Look at you sew, you old so and so!!!

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